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CHAPTER 11. Lighting for Video > 11.18 Existing Light - Pg. 276

276 Video Production Handbook increase the intensity of the lighting that is already present. for example, replace the bulbs with others of higher power (check the lamp holder to make sure it can handle a higher-rated bulb). Add some lights to the present lighting. remove the existing lighting and bring in television lights. n n n then comes the decision as to whether to light the whole action area or restrict the lighting to fit limited action in one small section of the area at a time. 11.18 EXISTING LIGHT Available light is utilizing whatever lighting already exists at the location. this may include sunlight, recessed lighting, lamps, etc. they may need to be gelled, diffused, or even shut off to work for your production. By lighting the scene or supplementing the existing lighting, the director has some control over the situation and a far better chance of achieving consis- tently high-quality pictures. existing light shooting is a matter of taking advan- tage of whatever lighting is available to enhance the image (figure 11.14). Production personnel begin by asking the following questions: n n can the scene be shot from the chosen camera position, with the present lighting? is it possible to expose the picture properly? FIGURE 11.14 While shooting in existing light can create some problems, it also allows the director to capture the mood of the event. No lights were added to this scene.