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11.28 The General Approach to Lighting > 11.28 The General Approach to Lighting - Pg. 285

Lighting for Video CHAPTER 11 subject itself also moves across the background, growing broader. As the light is moved further around the subject, less and less of the subject is illuminated, until eventually, by the time the lamp has been moved entirely to the right side, only half of the subject is lit. the surface details that are caught by the light stand out prominently, which is a useful technique when lighting low- relief subjects such as coins. As the lamp is raised, shadows grow downward. similarly, when a lamp is moved upward diagonally, shadows develop down- ward diagonally in the opposite direction. from these basics, we can see some obvious principles to follow: n 285 n n the lamp should not be too close to the lens. this flattens out surface mod- eling and causes light reflections. the angle should not be too steep. it creates crude, gaunt, unattractive top light. the lamp should not be too far around to one side, unless the subject is fac- ing that way. this can result in harsh surface modeling and a half-lit effect. choose the light direction that is most appropriate for the subject and its surroundings best. don't forget to look out for any reflections or shadows other lighting tips include the following: n