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CHAPTER 14. Recording and Viewing the Video > 14.10 XDCAM Disk - Pg. 339

Recording and Viewing the Video CHAPTER 14 the shooting has been completed, the disk can be taken out of the camcorder and slipped into a dVd player or recorder for immediate playback--there's no need to connect any cables. one of the disadvantages is that disks can be sus- ceptible to scratches. this format is quickly disappearing. 339 14.10 XDCAM DISK the xd line of optical disk-based camera systems utilizes blue-violet laser technology to achieve extremely high data transfer rates (figure 14.11). this professional camera system can record up to 4 hours of Hd on a dual-layer disk, which has a large storage capacity of 50 gB. the disks are rewritable. sony says that the disk can handle a thousand write and rewrite cycles. FIGURE 14.11 The XD disk is