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CHAPTER 16. Distributing Your Production > 16.4 Online Distribution - Pg. 369

Distributing Your Production CHAPTER 16 program has been edited, if you want to actually hand it to someone, you still need to store it on a medium. while videotape is quickly going away, dVds and Blu-ray discs (Hd) have become the media of choice for storage and easy hard copy distribution, especially since most people have a dVd player in their home or computer. dVds are a very economical means of distributing a hard copy. However, with the ability to store large amounts of data and the reduc- tion of cost, UsB thumb drives (flash memory) have rapidly become one of the most popular modes of temporary storage. while dVds are limited to 4.7 gB, Blu-ray dVds can hold a maximum of 50 gB, and UsB drives currently have a maximum capacity of up to 256 gB. the UsB thumb drive can allow you to store entire video files (figure 16.2). 369