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CHAPTER 2. Production Crew > 2.23 The Structure of a Video Production Crew - Pg. 23

Production Crew CHAPTER 2 23 PROFESSIONAL CREW 2.21 FREELANCE CREW many companies today have moved from a full-time professional produc- tion staff to utilizing a freelance crew. freelancers are independent contractors who work for multiple organizations, hiring out their production skills on an as-needed basis. there are freelancers available who can fill every one of the production positions. freelancers are generally paid on an hourly or day rate basis. if they have travelled far from their home base, freelancers usually get lodging and a per diem added to their contract. the per diem is a stipend that covers incidental costs such as laundry, meals. 2.22 BELOW-THE-LINE/ABOVE-THE-LINE You may hear the terms "below-the-line" and "above-the-line" personnel. Although these terms may have different meanings to different companies, overall they are budgeting terms. Here are some common descriptions: Above-the-line personnel usually refers to people who may have a fixed salary but who also will share in any profits the project generates. they are generally