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CHAPTER 2. Production Crew > 2.4 Director - Pg. 15

Production Crew CHAPTER 2 2.4 DIRECTOR Ultimately the director is the individual responsible for creatively visualizing the script or event. this means that the director instructs the camera opera- tors on the type of shots wanted and then selects the appropriate camera shots for the final production. the director is also responsible for running the tal- ent through their lines and stage movements based on the script. directors are people who can effectively communicate their vision to the crew. they are also team builders who move the crew toward that vision. this involves advising, guiding, and coordinating the various members on the production team (sce- nic, lighting, sound, cameras, costume, etc.) and approving their anticipated treatment. the director may choose and hire performers/talent/actors (casting), envision and plan the camera treatment (shots and camera movements) and editing, and direct/rehearse the performers during prerehearsals (figure 2.3). He or she also evaluates the crew's contributions (sets, camera work, lighting, sound, makeup, costume, graphics, etc.). the director's job can range in prac- tice from being the sole individual who creates and coordinates the production to a person who directs a camera and sound crew with material organized by others. 15