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CHAPTER 2. Production Crew > 2.7 Floor Manager or Stage Manager - Pg. 16

16 Video Production Handbook the cast. the Ad may take the director's notes on changes, retakes, perfor- mance, and other factors. for multicamera shoots, the Ad may be responsi- ble for lining up shots, graphics, and tapes. He or she may also be responsible for checking on special shots (such as chroma key), giving routine cues (tape inserts), and other duties, while the director guides the actual performance and camera(s). the Ad may also check program timing and help the director with postproduction. this person may be assigned some of the same responsibilities of an associate producer. this position may be merged with the floor manager. FIGURE 2.4 The stage manager represents the director on the set or in the studio. Here, she is shown giving the actors instructions from the director on the set of a sitcom. 2.6 PRODUCTION ASSISTANT the production assistant (PA) assists the director or producer with production needs. these may include supervising the production office (making copies, mak- ing coffee, and running errands), prerehears- als, and location organization. His or her responsibilities may also include logging tapes and taking notes during production meetings. during rehearsals and recording, this person may assist the producer/director with graphics or serve as a floor manager. 2.7 FLOOR MANAGER OR STAGE MANAGER the floor manager (fm) is the director's pri- mary representative and contact when the director is not on the set or in the studio. He or she may be used to cue talent and direct the floor crew. during the shoot, the fm is responsible for general organization, safety, discipline (e.g., managing noise), and security. At times, the fm may be used to ensure that the talent is present. this job may be merged with the assistant director (figure 2.4). 2.8 TECHNICAL DIRECTOR OR VISION MIXER the technical director (td) generally sits next to the director in the control room and is responsible for operating the television production switcher (and perhaps electronic effects). the td may also serve as the crew chief. this per- son reports to the director (figure 2.5). 2.9 MAKEUP ARTIST the makeup artist designs, prepares, and applies makeup to the talent, aided by makeup assistants and hair stylists (figure 2.6).