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CHAPTER 3. Organizing the Production > 3.3 The Problem of Familiarity - Pg. 29

Organizing the Production CHAPTER 3 A camera is inherently selective. it can only show certain limited aspects of a situation at any given time. if, for instance, you pro- vide a wide shot of the entire field at a ball game, the audience will have an excellent view of the movement patterns of team- work, but the viewers will be unable to see for themselves who individuals are or to watch exactly how they are playing the game. A close-up shot gives details, even shows how a player is reacting to a foul, but prevents the audience from seeing the overall action at that time (figure 3.2). FIGURE 3.2 Shot selection at a baseball game there is an essential difference between the way any director looks at the pro- determines whether gram and how the audience reacts. that is not surprising when you stop to you are showing the 29 3.3 THE PROBLEM OF FAMILIARITY