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CHAPTER 4. Production Techniques > 4.7 The Persuasive Camera - Pg. 73

Production Techniques CHAPTER 4 there is nothing imaginative about this treatment; but then, it is not intended to work on the audience's emotions. it is intended to show us clearly what is going on, who is there, where they are, and what they are doing. it intermixes close-up shots to show the details we want to see at a specific moment (peo- ple's expressions) with long shots that help us establish the scene and give a more general view of the situation. in fact, treating a conversation in front of the camera in another way, by overdramatizing its presentation, would nor- mally be inappropriate. 73 4.7 THE PERSUASIVE CAMERA if, on the other hand, you are shooting a music video, shots may be as bizarre and varied as you can make them. Your aim is to excite and to shock, to create great visual variety. there is no room for subtlety. Picture impact, strange effects, and rapid changes in viewpoint thrust the music at your audience. there is a world of difference between this brash display and the subtle play on the emotions that we discussed earlier. Yet they all demonstrate how directors can influence the audience through the way they choose and compose their