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CHAPTER 5. Writing for Video > 5.2 Is a Script Needed? - Pg. 79

Writing for Video CHAPTER 5 when preparing a documentary, an extended outline becomes a shooting script, possibly showing the types of shots that will be required. it may also include rough questions for on-location interviews. All other commentary is usually written later, together with effects and music, to fit the edited program. 79 5.2 IS A SCRIPT NEEDED? the type of script used will largely depend on the kind of program you are making. in some production situations, particularly where talent improvise as they speak or perform, the "script" simply lists details of the production group, facilities needed, and scheduling requirements, and it shows basic camera posi- tions, among other fine points. An outline script usually includes any prepared dialog such as the show open- ing and closing. if people are going to improvise, the script may simply list the order of topics to be covered. during the show, the list may be included on a card that the talent holds, on a cue card positioned near the camera, or on a teleprompter as a reminder for the host. if the show is complicated with mul- tiple guests or events occurring, a show format is usually created (figure 5.2)