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CHAPTER 7. Using the Camera > 7.31 The Brief Shot - Pg. 173

Using the Camera CHAPTER 7 7.31 THE BRIEF SHOT when we look at a still picture, whether it is on the printed page or hung in an art gallery, there is an opportunity to linger. we can scrutinize it for as long as we want. on a television screen, shots do not encourage browsing. each is there for only a brief time, from a fraction of a second to perhaps half a minute at most. then another replaces it. each shot has to make its point quickly. each creates its own impact. 173 7.32 "BORING" IS IN THE MIND what makes a shot boring? A lot depends on the audience's attitude toward what they are seeing. Any shot can be boring when someone personally finds little worth in looking at it or if the audience does not care to know who the people are, where they are, or what they are doing. that's why other people's vacation videos may lack some of the appeal for you that they have for those who took them. A shot may seem to show just a boring stretch of ocean. But if the commentary tells us, "At this dangerous spot, after years of painstaking exploration, divers found the spanish treasure ship," we look at the picture with new eyes, although