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8.11 Approaches to Instruction > 8.11 Approaches to Instruction - Pg. 208

208 Video Production Handbook FIGURE 8.18 Since cooking shows are full of visual movement and a process that develops as the audience watches, they are popular on television. This photo is from a cooking segment on NBC's Today show. A cooking demonstration, on the other hand, can be extremely effective; it is full of visual movement and change, a process that develops as we watch-- even though the audience cannot smell or taste whether it is as successful as it looks (figure 8.18). one of the most powerful forms of instruction is when the talent speaks to us directly through the camera, pointing out each feature of the subject (figure 8.19). the "documentary format," in which the host may be heard as a voiceover making observations on the images, is much less personal. However, it can be more authoritative, especially if the speaker's visual presence is not particu- larly impressive on camera for any reason. But the documentary approach is extremely greedy for imagery. compared to the "direct approach," where direc- tors can always take shots of the talent speaking to the camera, the "documen- tary" method requires that the camera is continually looking at the subject and