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378 Glossary Camera script Adds full details of the production treatment to the left side of the "rehearsal script" and usually also includes the shot numbers, cameras used, positions of camera, basic shot de- tails, camera moves, and switcher instructions (if used). Cathode ray tube (CRT) crt television sets send an electron beam through a vacuum tube to a phosphor-coated screen. these "tube" televisions are large and bulky. CCD this charged-coupled device is an image sensor used in most video cameras. Character generator character generator, or cg, is a generic name for any type of television graph- ic creation equipment. Chroma color. Chroma-key Utilizing a production switcher, the director can replace a specific color (usually blue or green) with another image source (still image, live video, prerecorded material, etc.). Clapboard the clapboard (also known as a clapper or slate) is shot at the beginning of each take to provide information such as film title, names of director and director of photography, scene, take, date, and time. Primarily used in dramatic productions. Clip A video segment. Close-up shot encourages the audience to concentrate on a specific feature. shows emotion and detail. CMOS this "complementary metal-oxide semiconductor" image sensor has less power consump- tion, saving energy for longer shooting times. Color bar generator Provides a consistent reference pattern that is used for matching the video output of multiple cameras. they are also used to obtain the best-quality image on a video monitor. this test signal is composed of a series of vertical bars of standard colors (white, yellow, cyan (blue-green), green, magenta (red-purple), red, blue, and black). A color bar generator actually creates the pattern electronically. However, it is possible to use a printed color