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GLOSSARY - Pg. 377

Glossary 377 3D images that appear to have three dimensions: height, width, and depth. 3DTV televisions that are designed specifically for showing 3d programming. Viewers must watch the images through high-precision 3d glasses, which open and close the left and right shutters in synchronization with the alternating images. Acoustics Higher-frequency sound waves travel in straight paths and are easily deflected and reflect- ed by hard surfaces. they are also easily absorbed by porous fibrous materials. lower-frequency sound waves (below 100 Hz) spread widely, so they are not impeded by obstacles and are less readily absorbed. As sound waves meet nearby materials, they are selectively absorbed and re- flected; the reflected sound's quality is modified according to the surfaces' nature, structures, and shapes. the acoustic characteristics of scenery, furniture, drapes, and people further modify audio quality. Action line (line/eye line) the imaginary line along the direction of the action in the scene. cam- eras should only shoot from one side of this line. AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuitry in some cameras that automatically adjusts the audio