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xviii Introduction learn the right way to create a video, whether in a class or working on your own. it is especially helpful for entry-level and medium-level television pro- duction courses and workshops. this text does not assume that you have any type of technical background or any previous experience--or that you are really interested in the nuts and bolts of equipment. DO I HAVE THE RIGHT EqUIPMENT? the equipment available today at the lowest consumer level, even some mobile phones, is good enough. the emphasis is on how to create a quality video pro- gram, and that requires a knowledge of how to effectively use the equipment and how to tell a story. today the equipment is not a big issue. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO LEARN "TECHNIqUES"? great ideas do not automatically make great programs. it is not enough to sim- ply show what is going on. the way you present your subject will influence how your audience responds. You need know how to create quality video and audio, to convey your ideas in interesting ways to impact your audience.