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Glossary > T - Pg. 317

Glossary Patching Interconnecting dimmer output to loads via a patch panel, a system that usually uses a plug and jack on the line side of the load only. Per diem Daily allowance paid to the crew and cast by their employer while they are away from home; it is used to cover nonreimbursed expenses such as food and laundry. Pickup point The point of attachment to the building's load-bearing structure used for rigging. Pigtails Short 3- to 5-foot cables, usually #2/0 or #4/0 welding cable, used to connect to the house power panel. Pink contract An agreement issued by IATSE to qualified members who want to travel outside of their local juris- diction. Pin matrix See Matrix. Pixel mapping Video scaling technique used in display devices. A monitor that has been set to 1:1 pixel mapping will try to display an input source without scaling it, such that each pixel received is mapped to a single pixel on the monitor. This will often result in a black border around the video unless the input resolution is higher or the same as the monitor's native resolution. Port, Ethernet Most common connection to LAN net- works for high-speed computers. Looks like a slightly larg- er phone jack . Prep The time devoted to organizing and packaging RMS Root mean square, a method of averaging a sine wave to arrive at a mean average. Road company The authorized production of a play or musical that is produced in one city and then performed in multiple cities for limited engagements around the country. Roadies An early term used for people who traveled with popular bands and took care of the musical equipment. Saturation The purity of a color; the extent to which a color has been diluted. SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) dimmer Solid-state elec- tronic device used to control lamp brightness by cutting off part of the cycle or the alternating current supply in a specific type of dimmer. Scrim A gauze-like curtain that, when illuminated from the front, appears opaque; if light is brought up from behind the scrim, it becomes transparent. SD Standard definition (standard for digital video disk recorders). Set The order of songs to be performed, generally used for musical performances where no dialog or scripted words are recited. Sidelight The source used to rim faces and model profile shots, often at or near head height.