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Glossary > X - Pg. 318

Glossary Turnaround In music, a point in the tune when the melody is broken up by another musical idea, after which the original melody is repeated. United Scenic Artists (USA) National trade union that represents theatrical designers such as set designers, light- ing directors, scenic artists, and model makers. UDP/IP User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol. Universe One DMX grouping of 512 channels. Violent failure The term most often used to describe a lamp exploding. Wire rope Similar to aircraft cable but generally with less tensile strength. Warping Similar to the Keystone principle, except the image can adapt and scale to the curvatures. Xenon A compact source discharge lamp containing xenon gas in a pressurized lamp housing. Yellow card A term used by IATSE to designate shows in which all the technicians are members of the union work- ing under a signed agreement for wages and working con- ditions, sanctioned by the international office. Venue The location of a gathering; often used in legal contracts to designate the location of the concert. VGA Video graphics array. 318