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Acknowledgments > Acknowledgments - Pg. 16

Acknowledgments A book of this scope and size could not have been accomplished without the kind help, contributions, and counsel of many reviewers, assistants, and colleagues--friends one and all. Warmest thanks to the team at Focal Press: Becky Golden-Harrell, Dawnmarie Simpson, and Robin Weston, and to the inimitable Elinor Actipis, whom I cannot possibly thank enough. I was especially fortunate to have a lineup of excellent reviewers--Jacqueline B. Frost, Michael Kowalski, and Catherine Sellars--whose careful, thoughtful, and detailed comments quite simply made this book better. I would like to thank my colleagues at Hunter College of the City University of New York for their support, advice, encouragement, and patience, especially President Jennifer Raab, Jay Roman, Joel Zuker, Andrew Lund, Ivone Margulies, Joe McElhaney, Shanti Thakur, Kelly Anderson, Michael Gitlin, Renato Tonelli, and Peter A. Jackson. And I thank my dear friend Michael Griffel for his wisdom, kindness, and guidance. During the writing of this book I was especially touched by the way Hunter film students