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Chapter 19 Postproduction Overview and W... > Workflow and format interface - Pg. 415

Postproduction overview and Workflow After the director has gleefully announced, "that's a wrap," after all of the equipment has been packed up and returned, after you shake the last hand at the wrap party, and after the last video daily comes back from the lab, there's still quite a way to go before you've finished making your movie. The next step is postproduction. Postproduction encompasses all of those creative and technical processes that go on after the shooting stops: 1. Review and evaluating footage (page 434). 2. Transfer footage (and other media elements) into your edit system and organize (page 429). 3. Edit the picture and sound (rough cuts to fine cut) (pages 435 - 439). 4. Add visual transitions and effects (page 439). 5. Create and mix the sound design (Chapter 23). 6. Correct color and exposures and add credits (Chapter 24). 7. Master the project and distribute (Chapter 24). 19 chaPTer