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The golden rule of postproduction > The golden rule of postproduction - Pg. 464

446 chapTer 21 the art and technique of editing postproduction. We can put any shot next to any other shot as we see fit, we can lay down any audio track under any sequence, or we can layer tracks and tracks of audio in any configuration that our heart desires--whatever works best for the film. So remember: postproduction isn't just the mechanical construction of the original idea, but postproduction also constitutes the further creative development of your story. It is often said that "editing is your sec- ond chance at directing." Something happens when you start connecting one shot with another--a whole new chemistry occurs and new storytelling options emerge. And when you put a piece of music behind your sequences or a slightly different ambient back- ground, the film takes on new life and new energy again. That's the power of postproduction. Figure 21-1 Producer and editor Sam Pollard works extensively in both narrative and documentary forms. practice "fixing iT in posT" We've all heard the old adage that we can learn as 2004). "We couldn't reshoot . . . so of course it was foggy in color. We said: `maybe this can represent