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Filmography > Chapter 14 - Pg. 566

Filmography 551 Citizen Kane. Dir. Orson Welles. Mercury Productions/RKO Radio Pictures, 1941. (DVD distribution: Warner Home Video) (Figure 13-26 BR) Night of the Hunter Dir. Charles Laughton. Paul Gregory Prod., 1955. (DVD distribution: MGM/UA Home Entertainment) (Figure 13-31) Ed Wood. Dir. Tim Burton. Touchstone Pictures, 1994. (DVD distribution: Buena Vista Home Video) (Figure 13-32) Bringing up Baby. Dir. Howard Hawks. RKO Radio Pictures, 1938. (DVD distribution: Warner Home Video) (Figure 13-33) Stardust Memories. Dir. Woody Allen. Rollins-Joffee Productions, 1980. (DVD distribution: MGM Home Entertainment) (Figure 13-34) Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Dir. John Hughes. Paramount Pictures, 1986. (DVD distribution: Paramount Home Video) (Figure 13-36 TL) THX-1138. Dir. George Lucas. American Zoetrope, 1971. (DVD distribution: Warner Home Video) (Figure 13-36 TR) Crash. Dir. Paul Haggis. Bull's Eye Entertainment, 2004. (DVD distribution: Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment) (Figure 13-36 BL)