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Filmography > Chapter 18 - Pg. 568

Filmography 553 Snapshot (short). Dir. Andrew Lund, 2006. (Figure 16-14) Nashville. Dir. Robert Altman. American Broadcasting Co. (ABC), Paramount Pictures, 1975. (DVD distribution: Paramount Home Video) (Figure 16-15) Chapter 17 Old Joy. Dir. Kelly Reichardt. Washington Square Films, 2006. (Distribution: Kino International Corp.) Balloon Girl (short). Dir. Sharone Vendriger, 2007. (Figure 17-2) Path Lights (short). Dir. Zachary Sluser. Prod. Jonathan Lynch, Mathew Goldberg, Brian Morrow, & Zachary Sluser, 2009. (Figure 17-12) Shift. Dir. Kelly Anderson. Anderson Gold Films, 1999. (Figures 17-19, 17-20) Chapter 18 Chelovek s Kino-Apparatom (Man with Movie Camera). Dir. Dziga Vertov. VUFKU, 1929. (DVD distribution: Kino Video) (Figure 18-3) Bull Durham. Dir. Ron Shelton. The Mount Company, 1998. (DVD distribution: MGM