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Introduction > Introduction - Pg. 18

Introduction Where does one begin a journey into the world of filmmaking? Film is creative and it is technical. It's a form of personal expression and a universal language. It requires careful logistical planning and inspired spontaneity. It is the product of a single vision and collaborative energy. Film is also the quintessential hybrid art form, finding its expressive power though the unique amalgam of writing, performance, design, photography, music, and editing. And all of it matters. Every choice you make, from the largest creative decisions to the smallest practical solutions, has a profound impact on what appears on the screen and how it moves an audience emotionally. The central principle behind Voice & Vision is the notion that all of the conceptual, technical, and logistical activity on a film project should serve the filmmaker's creative vision. Making a film begins with someone wanting to tell a story, wanting to bring an idea to the screen for the world to see. The next step then involves gathering together the people, equip- ment, and resources to produce the movie. However, it's quite common these days to hear people who don't want to bother themselves with the technical or conceptual fundamen- tals of filmmaking say that "it's not about tech, it's not about rules, it's all about the story." That's a little too facile. The fact is, it's not enough to just have a story, no matter how