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Introduction > Filmmaking and technology in the 21st century - Pg. 19

xviii IntroductIon FIlm as a collaboratIve art Form The act of making a film, on any scale, is an endeavor that requires enormous effort, concentration, and a broad range of knowledge. It also requires the execution of several tasks simultaneously. For this reason, narrative filmmaking is always a collaborative art form, requiring the collective energy and expertise of a team. A filmmaking team can be anywhere from two to two dozen (or more), but the basic dynamic is the same--a film becomes better when everyone on the team is allowed to make creative contributions and when everyone takes serious responsibility for their practical and technical duties. You will see these ideas of team creativity and responsibility emphasized throughout Voice & Vision. This book is also written with the understanding that not every film student will become, or even wants to become, a director. Knowing that students can follow so many creative and fulfilling paths in film (cinematography, sound design, editing, art direction, etc.), I have provided ample technical information, creative context, and discussions of aesthetics to thoroughly engage those many students who are enthusiastic about areas other than directing. Whether they are writing, directing, shooting, or editing, the ultimate goal of Voice & Vision is to guide each student of film to develop their own creative voice while acquiring the practical skills and confidence to use it. FIlmmakIng and technology In the 21st century This book is being written in an era when film production is undergoing enormous transfor- mation. Digital media are changing forever the technology and procedures for making mov-