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Web Resources > FUNDING, Preproduction, casting, crew - Pg. 549

Web Resources The World Wide Web offers an enormously wide range of resources for the filmmaker. The usefulness of individual websites ranges from absolutely indispensable to completely disposable fluff. Here I have listed some of the more useful websites for a working film- maker. Many of these websites also provide links to additional useful websites, so try them out. Also, as anyone who visits the web regularly knows, it is a rather unstable organism-- websites come and websites go. I have tried my best to list the most reliable resources out there, but I cannot guarantee that all of these links will still be up and running when you try to visit. Best of luck. (Go to the Voice & Vision companion website at www.voiceandvisionbook. com for hot links to all these resources.) n General film information http// filmandvideo n fUnDinG, PreProDUction, castinG, crew n scriPts n GUilDs, Unions, anD orGanizations n safety, insUrance anD leGal magazine/07/2009/filmmakerinsurance (essential) filmguide (Canada) (prop gun laws and safety guidelines) 533