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Chapter 3: Terrains > Terrain Editor - Pg. 29

Terrains Generally, procedural terrains will offer you an advantage for image quality, even if it comes at a cost of render time. You can add a procedural terrain by clicking on the Mountain icon with the f symbol on it. The f stands for fractal. The geometry of a procedural terrain is recalculated using fractal equations every time the camera changes position. This means that the closer your camera is to the terrain, the more detail it can pick up. These are the kinds of terrains you should be using whenever you have the camera moving and your terrains are visible. Infi Procedural Terrains nite Right-clicking on the Procedural Terrain icon will enable you to browse through several preset terrains, including the infinite procedural terrains. Under default circumstances, these aren't actually infinite, but their length and width extend out by 200 kilometers. This is beyond the perceived horizon, and so it offers you a full landscape without needing to worry about combining several terrains. Terrain Editor