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Scene 8. Groove > 8.4 Commit groove - Pg. 179

Groove While working with different clips and grooves, take a few minutes to experiment with the Quantize and Timing parameters in the Groove Pool. Once you have a groove loaded in and applied to a clip, adjust the Timing value to 0, and then the Quantization to achieve your desired influence on the current audio clip's "feel" as it plays. If you drag the Quantize percentage all the way up to 100% you will surely start to hear the effect, especially when applying straight 1/16 or 1/8 values to a swing-style audio or MIDI clip. Assuming you have placed the Quantization value in the middle say, 50­60%, gradually start adjusting the Timing value. Timing will utilize the actual audio clip's "feel and groove" to start pushing and pulling the groove toward or away from the Quantized grid location that you adjusted earlier with the Quantize percentage. Heavy stuff, huh? This is a great way to begin learning how to use grooves. The key is customiza- tion. Once you find or create a new groove you like, simply save it in the Groove Library on the fly and keep on working. 8.4 Commit groove