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2.4 Protecting Your Hearing > 2.4.1 Protecting Concert-Goers and Other Listener... - Pg. 57

2.4 Protecting Your Hearing 57 Table 2.3 indicates, you can reduce the noise level or reduce the exposure time, or both. While reducing exposure time is straightforward, it is not always possible, in which case turning down the volume by using quieter equipment, maintaining a greater distance from the noise source, using barriers or noise-absorbing materials, or utilizing hearing protection (either earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones or both) are required. Typical earplugs or headphones are often criticized for chang- ing the sound and hindering communication. Hearing protection in general is far better at reducing noise in the higher frequencies than the lower frequencies, so typical hearing protection signifi- cantly changes the sound the wearer is hearing. Consonant sounds in speech occur in the frequencies that are more greatly attenuated by some hearing protectors. There are, however, a number of hearing protection devices