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Section 1. Test and Measurement > Bibliography - Pg. 48

48 SecTion | 1 Test and Measurement response and look at the response of the loudspeaker also. Powerful analyzers that were once beyond the reach of most technicians are readily available and affordable, and cost can no longer be used as an excuse for not measuring the system. The greatest investment by far is the time required to grasp the fundamentals of acoustics to allow interpretation of the data. Some of this information is gen- eral, and some of it is specific to certain measurement systems. The acquisition of a measurement system is the first step in ascending the capability and credibility ladder. The next steps include acquiring proper instruction on its use by self-study or short course. The final and most important steps are the countless hours in the field required to correlate measured data with the hearing process. As proficiency in this area increases, the speed of execu- tion, validity, and relevance of the measurements will increase also. While we can all learn how to make the measurements in a rela- tively short time span, the rest of our careers will be spent learning