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Glossary > Q - Pg. 215

Glossary O ONLINE The process of editing the original master tapes into the final viewing tape at a high enough resolution to be broadcast quality. The final tape is called the final edited master. OUTPUT The process of transferring the film from an editing machine to a videotape or DVD for viewing. P PICKUP SHOT When a shot has been made on the set and the director wishes to redo part of the take, the redo is called a pickup shot because only a portion of the take is redone. It is often designated with a PU after the take number on the slate. A pickup could also be shot at a later date. These are often done by the second unit. PILOT AND 12 The network green light order for the pilot plus 12 more episodes. PLAYBACK A musical recording played back to the actors to which they lip sync on the set to maintain the same musical performance or dancing sync from take to take. Film playback is previously edited or stock footage that will