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Section 1: Your First information-rich a... > Creating an Empty Application - Pg. 7

Your First inFormation-rich application 7 Below is the Outline panel, the role of which is to show the hier- archical structure of the application. We will describe it more deeply in the "Using the Design View" section. The code viewer window takes much of the space available because it contains a tabbed view of the source code files to edit. At the bottom there is a tabbed view with contextual information, which changes according to the state of the application. For example, it shows problems during the com- pilation, errors in the console, network traffic, etc. We now have enough information to create our first project from scratch. creating an empty application From the File menu we select"New Flex Project."This opens up a wizard window that allows us to define our first project. At the top we have to provide a name. The second important choice is the application type (see Figure 1.4). Here we choose Web.