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Chapter 12 Distribution, Marketing, Lice... > Happily Ever After - Pg. 321

Chapter 12 dIstrIButIon, mArketIng, lICensIng, And more 321 (Figure 12-3) spun out of the live action Star Wars to become an animated movie and television series. A producer should have his or her sights set on other ways to expand the story and characters in a project. Keeping track of character or story ideas that were considered during the original development stages but did not make it to the final project may provide inspiration for other takes on your concept, because there is often a lot more creative brainstorming during the making of an animated project than can ever be possibly worked into a single episode or film. Happily ever After The potential widespread appeal and longevity of an animated proj- ect is significant. Take into account a basic industry fact: even though family entertainment is the small- est segment of the market, it consis- tently generates the biggest revenues.