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Chapter 2 The Animation Producer > The Producer's Thinking Map - Pg. 51

Chapter 2 tHe AnImAtIon ProduCer 51 Pamela kleibrink thompson Recruiter; Production Manager, Family dog, special episode for Steven Spielberg's Amazing stories (Hyperion/Kushner Locke), and the simpsons (Klasky/Csupo); Ink and Paint Supervisor, Bebe's kids (Hyperion) The recipe for a good producer is like a magic potion--the per- son in charge of the production can cast a spell over the entire crew. A good producer is a dream enabler, gathering the resources needed so that creators can bring their vision to life. A good pro- ducer is organized, diplomatic, and flexible, yet strong enough to convince the creators that their project is ready for the pub- lic. A strong producer inspires and motivates, plans well, and is a problem solver. The producer is a guide and should set realistic expectations, as he or she is responsible for delivering the project on time and on budget. A producer must have the courage and strength to be a leader of creative people and enjoy the multitude of personalities inherent in any production environment. dan sarto