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Chapter 4 The Core Team > Production Designer/Art Director - Pg. 83

Chapter 4 tHe Core teAm 83 asset behavior on a CG project, the CG supervisor's job is to make certain that it is all technically achievable within the parameters of the production pipeline. Collaborating with the artists focused on modeling, rigging, and look development, he or she plays a central role in facilitating the technical requirements for the cre- ation of the assets and their successful integration in the shots. Starting with shot setup through final delivery, the CG supervi- sor's technical expertise is critical to designing a fully functional and efficient production pipeline. Production designer/Art director As a general practice throughout the industry, the production designer works closely with both the director and visual effects supervisor (if applicable) to envision the entire look of the proj- ect, overseeing the design of every character and every element in every scene. This individual must have a strong understand- ing of visual communication in order to effectively create the best conceivable style and shape language for the project. Early