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Friendship Rules > Never lend money unless you're prepared to write it off - Pg. 200

Never lend money unless you're prepared to write it off RULE 91 How many times have I seen friendships fail because one friend lent money to another and then didn't get it back? And not only money. Maybe it was a car that came back scratched, or a book that didn't get returned. Or a flat that a friend stayed in for a few days and damaged somehow. Oscar Wilde (I think it was him) once borrowed a book and then lost it. His friend got angry when his book wasn't returned and asked him, `Are you really prepared to jeopardize our friendship over this?' Oscar replied, `Are you?' 200 This applies to family as well as friends, but I've put this Rule in this section because it's more often friends that fall out over such things. The fact is that you start off being generous and wanting to help, so you agree to lend whatever it is. Then you get angry when your friend doesn't repay you, and you end up losing the friendship. If your friend is a decent friend worth having, they're not doing this on purpose. They just don't have the funds they thought they'd have, or an unexpected expense came up. So what can you do? Well, right at the start, before you ever lend them the money or the car or the flat, you have to decide in your head that you've given the money to them, or that you're expecting the car or the flat to get damaged, or the book to be lost. If it's not worth it, don't lend it to your friend in the first place. If it is worth it, write it off mentally, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when you get your money back, or your car returned in perfect condition. Nine times out of ten, you'll get your money back, but this way you won't lose a friend every tenth time. T H E R U L E S O F LO V E