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Relationship Rules > Men like flowers too - Pg. 124

Men like flowers too RULE 59 Everyone knows that women like to be given flowers. And chocolate. They're classic gifts to show a woman that you love her, and it's not really about the flowers or the chocolate ­ lovely though they may be ­ it's the gesture that's important. It's the fact that her partner cared enough to think of bringing her some- thing to show for it. So what's wrong with reversing the tradition? Why shouldn't men get to enjoy these thoughtful little gifts too? We also like flowers and chocolate too. 18 We like anything that shows us that you were thinking of us and wanted to let us know you love us. And let's not limit ourselves to flowers and chocolates. Giving your partner a gift to show you love them is always a good thing to do, even when it's not a birthday or a special occasion. In fact especially when it's not an occasion. That's what makes it so valu- able, the fact that there was no need to do it. It's a free bonus. You don't need to spend money either. If you know what your partner's favourite wildflower is (You don't? Why ever not? Go and find out now), you can pick them the first one you see each year. How lovely to be given the first snowdrop or bluebell or foxglove of the year by someone who loves you. 19 Or you might do your partner a drawing, or bake them an unbirthday cake, or leave a card on their pillow. T H E R U L E S O F LO V E 124 18 19 Especially the chocolate ­ pralines for me please. From your own garden obviously. I know you shouldn't pick endangered wild flowers, or dig up whole plants from the wild.