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Summary for leading a Brilliant Meeting > Summary for leading a Brilliant Meeti... - Pg. 233

Do something different 233 Summary for leading a Brilliant Meeting First impressions Arrive early and prepare presentations/technology. Start the meeting on time. Deal with late-comers and unexpected events. Outline housekeeping issues and explain ground rules. Are decisions being made? If so, how will they be reached? Have participants been assigned any meeting functions, i.e. timekeeper? Keep the meeting on track and on time. Manage and encourage contributions. Ensure effective use of questions. Deal with unhelpful individuals, conflict and interruptions. Summarise discussions and actions assigned. Confirm when notes will be circulated and if the meeting is to be evaluated. Schedule next meeting. Thank everyone. Test technology in advance. What is the time of Working with a new group Managing the agenda Concluding the meeting Leading a virtual meeting