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Knowing when to say `no' > Knowing the danger signals - Pg. 251

11 I Knowing when to say `no' 251 departmental boundaries are project managers, hence the logic is `let's use a project manager to resolve the issues'. These cross-departmental `business as usual' activities often get pushed in the project manager's way. Of course, you can think of a complaint as a mini-project to resolve, but it is far better for a business to have a defined complaint handling process. If as a project manager you accept this type of work, do so because you feel it is important and not because you are delivering a project. (There is a valid potential project in these situations, such as develop a new or improved complaints handling process and system, and if that is how the work is scoped then it is a good, challenging project to be responsible for.) Knowing the danger signals Key lesson There are many clear indications when a project is likely to fail. Look for these and assess whether you are able to manage the risks or not.