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Test-taking tactics > Dealing with nerves - Pg. 55

Test-taking tactics 55 don't need to get 100% on the stay positive: don't get numeracy test. You just want to pass bogged down by and do the best that you can. An negative thinking optimistic attitude is key. Stay posi- tive: don't get bogged down by negative thinking or obsess about success or failure. You might be afraid that the test will reveal how bad you are at maths. This is a common concern, but worrying about this is a waste of valu- able energy. Instead, channel your energy in a positive way ­ by practising to improve your performance. Physical preparation Mental preparation isn't enough ­ you need to prepare yourself for the test physically, too. Don't worry, you don't need to start doing push-ups or star jumps in addition to all your maths prac-