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60 brilliant numeracy tests If you feel that anything has not been adequately explained to you, or if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of these issues, then don't hesitate to get in touch with the contact name that has been supplied. Remember that your prospective employer or place of study will want to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the testing process. That means from the time when you are notified that you need to undertake a numeracy test right up to the time that you find don't make any out the outcome. assumptions ­ if anything is unclear check before proceeding Don't make any assumptions ­ if anything is unclear check before proceeding. The administrator is there to answer your questions. What does the test administrator do on the day? In order for the test results to be reliable and fair, the test session needs to be standardised. That means the onus is on the test administrator to make sure you do what you are supposed to do and follow all the instructions exactly. Ask the administrator about anything that is not clear, particularly the practice ques- tions. Make sure that everything is clear before the timer starts since you will not be allowed to ask any questions once the test has started. Everyone taking the test must do the following: G Complete the practice questions at the start of the test (in the initial 10­20 minutes). The administrator will ensure that every applicant present at the session completes the practice questions. The administrator will go through any of the practice questions if you are unclear as to how an answer was arrived at. Start the test at exactly the same time.You need to follow the administrator's instructions to the letter. Do not start until you are told to do so. G