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Be in the know > Be in the know - Pg. 76

wanted update themselves on their subject. They scavenge for any news items, reports or learned papers that will help them enhance their own proficiencies in advising their clients or bosses. Google is an invaluable tool for this. They also look out for and study the latest tomes written by leading professionals as well as attend seminars and meetings presented by such experts. Being in the know also relates to your customers, external or internal. In an increasingly competitive world most customers demand the best. They do not want a If you are not in the second-best physician or a third-rate know professionally computer technician. Thus most you'll be seen as a patients would prefer a doctor who is third-rate hack in the know about the latest drugs and their benefits and side effects. Furthermore when purchasing a new laptop most customers want a sales person who is in the know about comparative specifications of the two new competing models that came on the market yesterday. PRACTI CAL TIPS Test yourself by trying to answer questions such as the following: G `Do you know how the organisation structure of the company has changed recently?' G `Do you know the history of the company ­ as well as its future plans?' G `Do you know in detail about the latest developments in your profession?' 76