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Do something new every day > Do something new every day - Pg. 192

wanted Enhance your mental fitness by doing new things Frequently find new ways. Whatever you and your colleagues do continually ask the question: `Is there a new and better way of doing this?' An antidote to ageing is renewal. It has a limited effect on the body but can work wonders on your mind. Such renewal will be reflected through the shine in your eyes. People with dull eyes never renew themselves. They never think new thoughts and never attempt to do new things. The more new things you do the more new experiences you will have and the wiser you will become The people who are wanted in most organisations are those who can think anew and do new things to improve the performance of the business. They are always exploring new options for replacing the less efficient and discredited modus operandi. It is a fact of life that whatever you do, and whatever is done by your company, there is always a better way to do it. If you don't find that better way then someone else will and you risk losing your job and your company going out of business. Doing new things brings vitality, freshness, motivation and the possibility of improvement whilst repetition of old things brings routine, dullness and the impossibility of innovation. The challenge in doing new things is to start thinking in new ways. Repetitive thinking is dangerous as it can lead to a non- thinking, subconscious approach to your work. Instead you should perhaps think of new ways of communicating with your colleagues rather than by the usual email or text messaging. 192