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How to manage change: a step by step gui... > The process and model for managing c... - Pg. 55

There are five sections in this chapter. The first presents the model and the process; the process breaks down into six steps. The second section describes the main objectives and activities in each of the six steps in tabular format. The third discusses the context of change and how you should tailor the generic proc- ess to your specific situation. The fourth describes the change management toolkit. The final section provides the lessons learnt. As you progress through the chapter it becomes more and more action focused. The approach to change management described is relatively brief. For most executives this will be sufficient. There are complete books on each of the steps in the process and on individual change tools in the toolkit. However, rarely do senior managers have the time to go into that level of detail, and seldom do you need to. If you are a change practitioner looking for a more details see the refer- ences in Chapter 10 for some options. The process and model for managing change The change management process is valuable, and yet controversial. Change management can be approached as a rational science. An initiative is embarked