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Sponsors and stakeholders > Sponsors and stakeholders - Pg. 83

the most senior managers. When we talked of leaders, we meant people at the head of an organisation. Leadership increasingly refers to a style of interaction and management which can be performed at any level of the organisational hier- archy. Leadership is required for change, and that leadership will come from various levels of seniority. This chapter specifically refers to the role of those at the most senior levels. Another possible confusion is the difference between an executive and the executive. An executive is an individual member of the leadership team. In busi- ness, the executive is the leadership function of the organisation. In this book I usually refer to individuals who are executives, and specifically those execu- tives with interests in change initiatives. This chapter is meant to inform action. Actions are performed by individuals, not by functions. Where I wish to refer to the function or totality of executives I will make this clear. Sponsors and stakeholders