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Introduction This chapter looks at your role as an executive involved in change. There are three aspects to this role explored here. The first relates to individual change ini- tiatives. For the largest of initiatives you may be the hands-on change manager, following the process as described in Chapter 5. However, management respon- sibility for a change initiative is often delegated. Usually, you have too many balls to juggle to dedicate yourself to one initiative. But even if you have delegated management responsibility, there is still an important leadership role for you in the change initiative. This is described in the first section. The second aspect explores your role across multiple change initiatives. This includes actions such as selecting and prioritising between possible initiatives. The third aspect is your role in developing the environment for change initiatives. These are the wider and sometimes less tangible aspects of an organisation that should be developed to enable change. This chapter provides guidance and develops a picture of the activities you should be involved in with regard to change. As every initiative and context is unique this must be interpreted for your specific situation. The chapter links to Chapter 9 which identifies the specific triggers for executive intervention in