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How to manage change: your role as an executive > The change enabler - Pg. 91

The change enabler In Chapter 5 I introduced the change model. The outer rim of the change model, shown in Figure 5.6, is titled `Develop environment for change'. In this section I describe the characteristics of an effective environment for change. All activities in an organisation are more or less effective depending on its envi- ronment and change management is no different. An organisation can have an environment in which change thrives or it can have one in which change stum- bles. An organisation's environment develops over time, but aspects of the environment, such as culture, often evolve unsystematically. The development need not be totally haphazard. An environment can be influenced and to some extent deliberately created. Creating the environment in which change can thrive is an important responsibility of executives. Executives usually delegate respon- sibility for the management of change initiatives but responsibility for creating the environment in which change thrives cannot be delegated. This section describes the characteristics of an environment which enables change and four aspects of the change environment will be explored: 1 How your vision is supported