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How to measure change > Sample measurements - Pg. 105

Whatever metrics and information you decide to collect, the change team need the tools and techniques to understand and collect relevant data. If you do not have these skills available, an early step in your change initiative should be to train some staff in relevant data collection and analysis techniques. Six Sigma is an approach that, if properly implemented, does this well. Six Sigma practitioners are trained in data collection and analysis techniques. Sample measurements The metrics you collect and analyse should depend on the nature of the change and your operational needs. There is no one right set of data. But it is helpful to have examples of what you could measure. Table 7.1 provides examples that have been used on change initiatives. None of these measures is perfect, but they help in building understanding. In many cases it is the trend in data that is more relevant than any absolute measure. Table 7.1 Example measures for change management Area of consideration Portfolio measures Example measures/assessments Total number of change initiatives under way