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How to talk about change > Credibility as a change savvy executive - Pg. 123

Cascading information Communication plans should not only be concerned with thinking through the major communication events on a change initiative. These are important, but they will not work on their own. Communications on a change initiative should feel like continuously evolving dialogue ­ not once in a while presentations. Some, and often most, communication in a change initiative happens between relatively junior managers and their staff in their normal meetings and work. One impor- tant aspect of the communication plan is therefore cascading information in the right format and at the right time to managers across the organisation so they can brief their staff. These managers use these materials as part of their normal line management work. The managers can also collect feedback to pass back to the change team. However, this is not a foolproof way of communicating. Junior managers may forget or avoid cascading critical information ­ especially if it is contentious. So, it is also sensible to include checkpoints in the commu- nication plan to confirm whether managers have undertaken the communication requested, and to take time to check understanding amongst a sample of staff across the organisation.