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More Light-Shaping Tools! > Need a Window in a Bar? - Pg. 31

Need a WiNdoW iN a Bar? Here's a wrinkle on a straight-up diffuser panel. I've always wanted some self-contained contraption that would allow the placement of small flashes a decent working distance from a diffuser panel, just by itself. In other words, it would eliminate the need for the use of multiple stands, which gets a bit messy and congested on the set. So, again, I got together with the good folks at Lastolite and helped them design this 3x3' addition to the Numnuts signature line. This rig, as shown in the production pic below, has promise. I dragged it into a Nashville bar for a shoot with a rocker, Dean Tomasek. Great face, great location--albeit a touch on the dark side, as bars tend to be. I levered the support arm back away from the panel, and put (as an experiment!) four flashes on it. The diffuser material for this version of the 3x3' is actually a two-sided sleeve that comes down over the metal pipes, effectively doubling the diffuser effect. Pretty light. As you can see from the production pic, there is a kicker flash off a reflec- tive panel on the floor, and that adds just a touch of light up and under the brim of his hat. The shutter drag of 1/8 th of a second gets the bar lights into the exposure, as does the