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Possibilities - Pg. x

Possibilities the key word on the cover of this book is not "flash," or even "light." it's the word "possibilities." because that is, at its core, what this book is about. it isn't about pictures that already exist. it's about what might be possible to create, in terms of pictures, if you experiment with light. the pictures and information on these pages are, hopefully, a prompt to that sense of experimentation. there's a ton of basic information in this book. there are pictures, sketches, production photos, notes, and metadata. in most instances, i've divulged virtually everything you could want to know about any particular shoot, short of the color of my boxers. they're generally blue, by the way, though i do have a couple of pinstriped numbers, and on really big shoots i wear my lucky thong. Joe make joke. the book also, amazingly enough, talks about what pictures can be created with one or two lights, or a small grouping of lights that act like one light. in a quick tally as the book heads to press, my count is that roughly 85 images under discussion were made with one light,